Hunt 8mm 5/16 US Threaded Shafts


$ 100.00 

These are amazingly well crafted shafts. It's straightness, even tempering, finishes and attention to detail push accuracy to the limits. 


  • Manufactured in 17.4 PH rebored from bars certificated by steelwork; straight and smooth
  • C.N.C. machined
  • 3 backwards fins and one for preloading located at 60/90/120/360 mm from the bottom of the shaft.
  • The fins are deburred and have no corners perfect both for dyneema use and for other kind of wishbones
  • Fins are TIG welded and create a stiffening bridge on the shaft, increasing its ballistic performances.
  • Thick barbs, very strong and mounted with a special pin, high strength d. 2.5 mm TIG welded in a very accurate way.
  • The barb is very smooth and polished for fish integrity.
  • The welded pin allows to maximum hold because the welding itself creates a reticular connection between barb and pin, avoiding the ovalization of the hole
  • TIG welded penetration cone maintains accuracy and protects the flopper/pin from jamming