Waterman Survival Extended


The Waterman Survival Extended takes you through the Waterman Survival and beyond. The course expands upon various exercises applied in an open water setting where students tackle more realistic scenarios to greatly increase their comfort and confidence.

Training utilized by US Navy Seals, pro surfers Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Freedy Patachhia, Carlos Burle, Jamie O'Brien, Adriano De Souza and many more. This course has set a new standard of waterman safety training worldwide. 

The extended version of the Waterman Survival Extended Course also incorporates the F.I.I. Level 1 Freediver certification course, thus allowing students to add-on a series of advanced open water depth drills. When the F.I.I. Level 1 certification is completed, the Waterman Survival training advances a few notches and moves into a more serious and realistic open-water environment where students are taken through drills that simulate high-stress underwater disorientation training and safety scenarios. Waterman Survival training is the ultimate waterman safety training and not for the faint of heart. This makes it the No.1 course for all watermen/women.

On completion participants are eligible to receive the FII Waterman Survival and F.I.I. Level 1 Freediver certification.


  • During this course you will use the following equipment:
    Wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt, weights

  • Student learning materials:
    Waterman Survival Extended Manual and Workbook

  • Minimum age requirement:
    16 years or older

    Course duration:
    3-day course. Minimum 5 hours academics, 3 hours confined water training, 3 hours open water training.