Destin Bluewater Spearfishing Trips

Join us for a private bluewater spearfishing charter in the Northern Gulf of Mexico!

This is the trip where we will be targeting Tuna, wahoo and Mahi primarily. These trips consist of long offshore runs searching for sargassum, rips or other floating structure to hunt like our local bluewater FADs (Fish Aggregation Device). Plan for a 12 hour trip minimum with the possibility of us returning very late if we find fish later in the day. There is no guarantee of success on these trips as with all bluewater hunting, but the rewards on successful days can be enormous!

The Northern Gulf of Mexico has very good bluewater hunting but our runs are normally much longer. Our Captains and crew members are experienced divers and spearfishermen with many years diving under their belts diving these waters.  Most dives will average only 20-30ft, visibility can range from 30ft hazy blue to 100+ft depending on the currents. 

We can run these trips any time of year but need to target the right conditions. Make sure you come prepared with the right wetsuit for the time of year we are diving! 

Bluewater spearguns also come in all sizes and configurations. We highly recommend you bring your own speargun so you are confident in that possible once in a lifetime shot. We also recommend you use full length bungee floatlines and high pressure floats!

Pricing is a flat fee of $2300 for trip. Ice, bait, waters and snacks included. Bring your own additional food and beverage of choice for the beautiful ride home.

    Contact us for an optional professional In-Water Photographer (if available)

    $200 Non-refundable deposit is due to book a trip. If the Captain decides to cancel for weather we will refund.

    • Clients need to provide their own dive equipment.
    • All divers must have at a minimum completed a Freediving Safety course. A full FII or equivalent Level 1 Freediver course is recommended.
    • We recommend using your own speargun that you are familiar with. Loaner spearguns are available if you do not have one or do not wish to travel with one.
    • Must purchase your own individual Florida Saltwater fishing license Here 


    Email or call for booking and more information

    Phone: (850) 353-2757



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