Underwater Museum of Art Freediving Trip

This is a private charter to dive the Underwater Museum of Art!

The Underwater Museum of Art is the first permanent underwater sculpture garden in the U.S.

Located at a depth of 58-feet makes for comfortable dives to enjoy the sculptures. Each year, a juried selection of sculptural works, drawn from artists throughout the world, is installed in the underwater garden.​

The sculptures quickly attract a wide variety of marine life and, over time, metamorphize into a living reef. This eco-tourism attraction not only entices art lovers and divers from around the country and around the globe, it provides a much-needed habitat for local marine life and fisheries as well as providing marine scientists, wildlife management professionals, ecologists, and students, with an opportunity to study marine life and measure the impact of artificial reef systems on the Gulf ecosystem. 

Details can be viewed at the UMA website HERE

Pricing is a flat fee of $720 for the entire vessel for the trip. This trip runs 4 hours and gives you enough time to explore the entire museum. The boat ride to and from the site is beautiful and are likely to encounter sea life like dolphins and turtles. We can schedule this trip for any time of day and remain flexible to take advantage of the best conditions.

Ice, waters and snacks included. Bring your own additional food and beverages of choice for the beautiful ride home!

A $200 Non-refundable deposit is due to book a trip. If the Captain decides to cancel for weather we will refund.

  • Clients need to provide their own dive equipment.
  • All divers must have at a minimum completed a Freediving Safety course. A full FII or equivalent Level 1 Freediver course is recommended.


    Email or call for booking and more information

    Phone: (850) 353-2757

    Email: info@benthicoceansports.com