Full Bungee Floatline


$ 48.00 

Maverick America Bungee consists of Tygon ½” Norprene rubber with 3x slow stretch technology for even pressure. We chose this material although it is the most expensive tubing material on the market (4 x the cost compared to typical rubber Bungee tubing) for its proven record of resistance to wear and most importantly it’s unique “slow” tiring stretch return compared to other types of synthetics. The Maverick crew has witnessed fish slowly dragging backwards after explosive take-offs with Neoprene’s substantially reducing the chances of tear-offs.

Formulated for flexural resistance and high temperatures, Norprene® Tubing does not easily crack or deteriorate even in physically demanding applications. Formulated to withstand high temperatures frequently, Norprene® Tubing will outlast and outperform virtually all other tubings. Even following extended exposure to heat and ozone, Norprene® Tubing will not crack or deteriorate which is common when using traditional rubber tubings.

1000lb Spectra inner line. Made in USA.

Our Tuna Norprene Bungee features:

• All 316 Stainless and brass components including Connectors, Shackles, Swivels.

• 6" XL Tuna Clip for easy tie-off to floats (1)

• 550lb Pigtail swivels (1)

• 600lb Shackles w/flat head lock screw (2)

• Custom Stainless St. tubing Connectors (2)

• 1000lb Spectra inner