Mythicon Deep One Carbon Fins for C4 250


$ 350.00 

Designed specifically to mount into the newest, tendon free footpockets from C4. They come with full length water rails installed on the blades. Stiffness specifically selected by Benthic to suit the no tendon style footpockets and result in a Medium-Soft.
Combining the technology of Vacuum Infusion Double – Heated Moulding (DHM) and the best quality of carbon fiber, we made the ‘Deep One’.

Blade built for maximum efficiency and performance in free diving.
Working fully parabolically it perfectly responds to the ‘slow’ and ‘steady’ downstroke/upstroke kicks of the freediver providing unparalleled propulsion.
The ideal performance tool for the freediver.
  • T800 Carbon Fiber
  • Length 78 cm
  • Width 19 cm
  • Weight 180 gr
  • Angle 22° to 30°