Seac BM30 Fins


$ 159.00 

Light and reactive technopolymer, unique of its kind to date, which offers performance similar to the carbon fiber-based composite, however eliminating the well-known problem of the fragility of the material. The technopolymer used is so elastic and has such a high shape memory that – in a demonstration by contradiction – if we observed the blade after having rolled it up on itself, once released it would still have its initial geometry, without any permanent structural deformation which could compromise its performance.

The BM30 foot pocket is also made of two different materials, a stiffer one on the sole to give stability and a softer one on the upper for maximum comfort during prolonged use.

Also, the BM30 footpocket is optimized to accommodate 30° angled blades. The short side members help the technopolymer of the blade to express all its reactivity and flexibility.

Foot pocket sizing is more of an art than a size chart would lead you to believe. Our recommendations below are based on wearing a 2mm sock and years of experience fitting customers with different foot shapes. Your personal preferences, how wide or narrow your is and whether or not you use different sized socks will determine how a pocket feels on your individual foot and is different for everyone. The foot pocket should fit SNUGLY but NOT TIGHT. Any pressure points or loss of circulation needs to be avoided. They should also not be loose, fitting so there is no movement between your pocket and foot causing inefficient energy transfer, bad technique and foot cramping.

36/37 – 5-7
38/39 – 7-8
40/41 – 8-9
41/42 – 9-10
42/43 – 10.5-11.5
44/45 – 12-13
46/47 – 13-15