Sea Drops Anti Fog Drops

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Sea Drops is a Mask Lens cleaner and Anti Fog treatment. Applying a small coating of SeaDrops to the inside of your lens just before a dive will change the surface tension of moisture inside during the dive so fog doesn't form on the inside during your dive.

Who's SeaDrops For?
Divers will need to prepare their masks just before a dive to keep fog from forming. SeaDrops help prevent fog from forming while cleaning the inside of your mask too but the gentle formula doesn't damage the surrounding silicone or frame.

2-in-1 Formula – Lens cleaner and anti-fog in one; keeps lenses clean and fog-free
Concentrated – One drop will do the trick to treat one SCUBA mask
Long Lasting – Enjoy fog-free vision for hours with just one application
Alcohol-Free – Easy to use gel formula is non-toxic for clear vision that won’t harm silicone or rubber mask frames
Effective – Ideal for all glass and plastic dive mask lenses (not for use on swim goggles)