Magnetic Speargun Slip Tip


$ 95.00 

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Perfect for fast deployment. No need to tuck your line in your bands or struggle to figure out a solution for roller spearguns! We've tested too many versions from several manufacturers over many years and this is by far the best magnetic speargun slip tip to date. The magnet is just strong enough to hold on the tip, but easily detaches after shot. Very good accuracy and maintains a consistent point of impact, aided by the removal of the slide ring.

17-4 Hardened steel dual pronged, geometrically optimized spear tip. 

The low profile dual wing design is geometrically optimized to sit perfectly on our tapered magnetic nipple adapter, yet remove with ease.

The adapter has an angled through-hole so no slide ring is necessary. The slip tip is held on with an internal magnet within the adapter. All hardware included.


5/16-24 Threaded Adapter or M6
4.5 inch slip tip length
Optional 500lb, 1/16" coated cable or Spectra