Ermes Avatar Speargun


$ 345.00 
SKU: 21.0100.RB

Designed by those who love the sea and who transform their ideas into real objects. This speargun can be completely customized or let us choose colors/configurations for you.

Complete aluminum barrel railgun style speargun. The barrel is available in red or black colors with contrasting red, white, blue, green or black replaceable track inserts. The handle is available in red, blue, green and white colors. Complete gun will include 7mm sharkfin shaft, 2 x 16mm or 14mm bands (customer can specify diameter and colors) and Stiff Dyneema shooting line rigged to a muzzle bungee. Add a horizontal or vertical reel to your order and we will install for you. 

  • Handle made of glass reinforced nylon with anchor ring, and ergonomic ambidextrous grip.
  • Two O-ring mounting choices depending on the barrel - 26 or 26.5 mm.
  • Pure silicone handle with different colors, White, Red, Green.
  • Safety lever in convenient location for quick operation.
  • Mounting location for either vertical reels or fish call directly on the trigger guard.
  • Hook and holes for inverter systems.
  • Right hand ergonomic support as standard.
  • Multifunctional extractable mount for Revolution camera bracket or fiush caller as standard.
  • Mechanism with double roller system entirely made of stainless steel, ergonomic trigger and rounded line release (does not cut the line) with right or left mounting.
  • Aluminum barrel with bottom reinforcements in structural alloy 6061T6, red and black colors
  • Available in sizes 75, 90, 100, 110, and 120cm.
  • Muzzle designed for 2 rubber bands with internal ballast holder, according to the model.
  • Optional mounting for Revolution camera bracket located on the butt.