Cetus Triton 90 Inverted Roller


$ 1,465.00 

The Triton 90 Inverted Roller is a high-performance speargun designed to meet the needs of experienced spearos. It incorporates top-of-the-line components to deliver superior performance. The inverted system of this speargun ensures a virtually recoil-free shot, resulting in improved precision, increased shaft speed, and extended effective range.

The carbon fiber body of the Triton 90 Inverted Roller provides extreme rigidity and precision, making it highly durable for demanding use. The speargun also features a built-in magnet, which enhances usability and enables quick reloading.

  • Variable thickness carbon fiber body
  • 1x 19mm rubber band  – 90cm stretch
  • 2x 16mm
  • Pulleys: 19mm delrin with brass bushing and carbon fiber housing
  • Head: Modular inverter roller head with 32mm rollers and brass bushing with carbon fiber housing
  • Variable weight system
  • 115cm x 7.5mm spear
  • 40m capacity reel
  • Double roll trigger
  • Magnet for holding spear in place
  • Universal handle