Black Reef Vandal T Polespear


$ 435.00 

Vandal-T Traditional Polespear

"The Vandal is the result of months of prototyping, research, and development. The fuel behind its conception was to create the perfect all-round polespear: The combination of subtly-agressive carbon aesthetics, top tier materials such as thick walled carbon and titanium components, and unparraleled performance with a shooting radius in excess of 15+ feet range, as far as most spearguns. This spear is built to exceed expectations."

The only neutrally buoyant polespear in the industry!


Titanium connections
12K Spread-tow aerospace textured carbon fiber body
316 Stainless steel traditonal end with D-shackle
Titanium Magnetip w/ 316 Stainless steel cable & quick attach tuna-clip
Adhesive backed non-slip Black Reef style knurled grip
Diamondcoat epoxied Black Reef logo


Length: 10 feet (4 foot body sections, 2 foot injector)

Slip Tip: 1.6mm 700lb rated cable

Weight: approx 2.3bs

Thickness: 17.5mm or 11/16 inch

Band Size: 14mm or 9/16 inch

Band Stretch: 350%

Load: approx. 40lbs @ max load