Salvimar ARES Nightmare Speargun 105cm


$ 331.00 
SKU: 8056138185050

ARES Nightmare edition has a subdued design and is supplied with upgraded Primeline rubber bands. No upgrades necessary! Pairs perfectly with the Salvimar Mini Reel 50 in this size.
  • RFSC release mechanism (Rolling, Friction, Self-Centring)
  • Self-centering rolling friction release system
  • BOLT rod with line of sight collimation system (LINE OF SIGHT COLLIMATION)
  • Adjustable trigger MIM technology
  • Anodized frame with elliptical section with external stiffening ribs
  • Perfect hydrostatic balance with 6.5 mm rod supplied as standard
  • Compatible with all Salvimar reels
  • Compatible with all Salvimar rods
  • Head with separate holes for 14/16 mm elastics
  • Perfect alignment of the elastic rod
  • Increased line passage to facilitate attachment of the rod
  • Integral rod guide
  • Customizable right and left line release
  • 4mm thick stainless steel fixing ring under the handle
  • Rod length calculated to avoid the flap closing O-ring
  • Rear sight for easier aiming