Benthic X Sord Spearfishing Knife


$ 89.98 

The knife that stays with you, dive after dive, fish after fish, and built to withstand constant abuse of the crazy ones who spearfish.

All the features we look for in a good spearfishing knife were applied to this project.

  • A sharp angled point helps get the blade into fish easily.
  • Extremely sharp out of the box and one side is partially serrated. 
  • No more 2 or 3 finger length handles! This handle will give you a solid grip and sports robust guards.
  • 7.5" Overall length, 3.25" Blade
  • G10 machined grip handle
  • Full tang carbon steel blade for superior edge retention
  • Anti-corrosive blade coating
  • Tension locking sheath that slides onto all dive belts