Carbon-Titanium INTERCEPTOR Speargun

Call or message to order. This item is usually a special order since production volume is low due to the quality and attention to details, sometimes we have an available unit in stock and ready to ship! Give us a call to find out. This listing includes a fully rigged unit, reel, line, hard gun case, international shipping, duties, etc.

In collaboration with carbon-fiber specialists from the aerospace and nautical industry, we developed our most successful INTERCEPTOR 110 in full monocoque carbon. This partnership achieved a new milestone by developing the authentic INTERCEPTOR design in complete monocoque carbon structure with titanium/aluminum integral units.

Full functionalities of the classic INTERCEPTOR 110, which holds the official title on WR Dentex, are presented in this technologically advanced masterwork. This, one-of-a-kind speargun is capable of carrying 7.5-8mm shafts with up to 3x20mm bands and covers a wide array of hunting techniques, from reef- to blue-water hunting.

Length – 110

The carbon INTERCEPTOR supports mounting rubber bands in following order:

Main pair – 20mm – invert-loaded
2nd band – 17.5mm up to 20mm – directly loaded
3rd band – 17.5mm up to 20mm – directly loaded

The production process of the Carbon 110 is highly structured, starting with 10-segment aluminum mold. This is an important milestone during the construction process, which confirmed the possibility of creating the unique INTERCEPTOR barrel with carbon fiber-monocoque technology. Using the high strength pre-preg carbon fiber and the autoclave thermal processing, reinforced with epoxy light expansion filler results in exceptionally strong barrel structure, supporting extreme loads, thereby guaranteeing a powerful and most accurate shot.

With this, almost indestructible speargun, you will never miss your target again!


The INTERCEPTOR carbon 110 has two new features:

-The exposed surfaces of the muzzle are CNC machined aluminum – titanium eloxate. This allows for optimized weight redistribution on the carbon fiber barrel, while providing extra scratch resistance to the most exposed segment of the speargun. The roller wheels, which are fully integrated into the muzzle, are made of Ketron PEEK and Titanium components.

-The handle grip is made of durable Polyurethane which ensures a firm grip on the speargun and can be replaced with left- or right-handed ergonomic grip.

-The carbon INTERCEPTOR is constructed in carbon fiber-monocoque technology with pre-preg autoclave thermal processing. This process results in a complete monoblock with a new level of structural stability

-T-structure Reinforcement – We further enhanced the stability of the body by using T-structure construction in the cross section. This strengthens the physical integrity of the body, supporting higher loads at lower mass and improves hydrodynamics of the speargun.

-Body-integrated Bands – We have improved hydrodynamics by introducing full body-integrated bands. The INTERCEPTOR design responds to the full 360-degree environment and smoothly adjusts to changes in flow direction and force.

-Optimal Weight and Balance – Attention was paid to obtaining the optimal mass at the existing buoyancy. This reduces recoil and with support of other features (carbon monocoque and T-structure) the accuracy is dramatically improved.

-Effective Design – The rubber bands are positioned to have a direct stretching path which was designed for each band individually and utilizing the total span from the muzzle to the handle.

-Guided Reel Line – The INTERCEPTOR speargun accommodates the body-integrated bands securely, allowing it to combine with our unique reel line guide through the muzzle channel. They remain protected when stalking fish over rough terrain.

-Improved visibility – The spear shaft is locked at the front end without the use of the shooting line, effectively reducing the assembly time. In conjunction with the stopper plates’ functionality to lock in the lower barb, we cleared the line-of-sight down the spearshaft for unobstructed target visibility.

-Efficient Force Transmission – The force transmission has been optimized for better energy transfer and faster start. With our design, the auxiliary “kicker” band is a thing of the past. The position of the main bearings minimizes the angle of the pulley line on the spearshaft. Through our newly developed bearings’ design (made of carbon-infused PEEK composite + Titanium), we increased the functionality to keep the line tension centered on the axis, thus effectively reducing friction. The bearings are integrated into the muzzle for better self alignment and lubrication.

-Advanced Stopper system – The unique design of our newly developed stopper system overcomes the shortcomings of standard stopper systems. They are designed for lateral fixing of the pulley line during loading and no need for load assist. The system provides a smooth line motion when shooting and effectively eliminates risk of trapping the shooting line.

-Durable, Replaceable Spares – We have designed the INTERCEPTOR speargun so that the consumable spare parts are especially long-lived and durable. They are easily replaceable when they wear out.