Yazbeck Thazard 1.5mm


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THAZARD is the French name of the Giant Narrowbarred Spanish Mackerel (sc.name “Scomberomorus Commerson”)

Decades ago, I noticed that this magnificent fish was always attracted to the lightest colors of white and blue. Especially white. So in the old days, we started wearing a white T-shirts over our traditional black wetsuits or rashguards, in order to attract the largest specimen in the school. This technique worked all the time. My observation was that the largest specimen viewed us as a competing predator and swam closer in order to intimidate us. This resulted in the best catches. This technique works on all blue water fishes.

Hence the idea behind this incredible new Blue Water Camo “Thazard”, an exclusive design by Yazbeck.

Impermeaflex™ Lamination

Thazard Holoblend Camo Sublimation Dye

1.5mm Yamamoto High Density Freediving Grade 100% CR # 39 Neoprene

100% “Green” Chloroprene

NanoPreneShield Silver Titanium lining on Open/Split Cell

The elbows, knees and seat area of the jacket are screened with our Polyurethane Inkdots for increased protection

Twin Yazbeck Locking Clips on Beaver Tail

Unisex Sizing

External Features of the Jacket:

Zipless Hooded jacket

Built-in hood designed for optimal breathing comfort, neck movement and complete face protection

Face seal is laminated with Impermeaflex™ for the ultimate in suppleness

Built-in 7.0mm thick cushioned and slip-free spear-gun chest loading pad for maximum ease and safety

A Wider Beaver tail with twin Yazbeck Locking Clips

Each cross seams on the jacket exterior is stamped with a GlueDot

External Features of the Trousers:

High Waistband trousers for the 1.5mm

2 patches of KevDot are applied on top of the GlueDot on the 2 cross seams in the crotch panel

Internal Features of the Jacket and Trousers:

Open Cell or Silver Titanium NanoPreneShield Lining

Thanks to the blind-stitching method on the outside, the lining is completely sealed. So the inside of the jacket and trousers is 100% waterproof and airtight.