Meandros Fire Plus Vertical Reel


$ 109.95 
SKU: 220

Introducing the Fire Plus


The twin reel of the fire reel line with the difference being in the weight and cost.


All characteristics of the fire have been maintained. Such as:


• The automatic brake release


• The riveted axel and 1.25mm rigid frame


• The flow regulator lever


The diamond shaped openings of the drum which add rigidity because of the shape. And also helps with the drying of the cord in order to prevent it rotting. The major differences is to be found mainly on the drum that has been produced in one solid part by synthetic materials that are of great rigidity, strength and much less negative buoyancy.




The lever has a unique patented system which presets the flow resistance during unwinding, when the automatic brake has already released the drum. The automatic brake is pierced so the line goes through the axle, securing this way, the withholding of the line and brake on the reel.


The vertical type reel has an automatic release brake system and flow resistance regulator for the correct and safe unwinding of the line coils with excellent quality manufacture, operation and assembly of the drum. It is the prototype of design, study and point of reference for all the rest of the reels in international markets. The materials of construction, the unique way of assembly and its excellent studied design, guarantee long-lasting, hard, and continuous use through the years. The design of the base offers ideal static stiffness with minimum weight on the gun barrel or the trigger guard when installed.


Size 2 reel weighs 4.6 oz and has a line capacity of 140 feet for a 1.8mm line


Size 3 reel weighs 5.2 oz and has a line capacity of 160 feet for a 1.8mm line


Size 4 reel weighs 5.9 oz and has a line capacity of 235 feet for a 2.0mm line


Size 5 reel weighs 6.7oz and has a line capacity of 280 feet for a 2.0mm line