Sportube Series 2


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The Series 2 is the logical next step up if the Series 1 is not quite big enough for your gear. Hard plastic shell protects your equipment whether traveling by plane, train, automobile or shipping via FedEx / UPS. Sportube cases are lightweight while being strong and durable.


Adjustable from 48" to 83" (122cm to 212cm) for a One Size Fits All solution

280mm Width x 152mm Depth

Wheels improve maneuverability

Padded at both ends for additional protection

Lockable for added security

Hard plastic shell for uncompromised strength, durability and protection

5-Year Warranty

Easy Pull Handle included

Internal straps hold equipment secure

Ship via FedEx/UPS without the need for a box

Airline friendly

Weighs approx. 12 lbs empty


What Can Fit?

Two Pair of Alpine Skis and Poles (combined two pair of ski width of up to 280mm)

Four Pair of Skate or XC Skis and Two Pair of Poles

Up to 10 Aluminum Fly Rod Tubes or 10 Spin Casting

5-6 Spear Guns, Shafts and Spear Points

And Anything Else You Can Get to Fit



Inside the Sportube


In additional to foam pads at the tip and tail of the Sportube, we have installed two straps to the inside of the case. That way when you are packing the skis, you are able to strap each pair to the side of the case, so they are as tight as possible and there is zero room for movement, keeping the skis, bindings, edges from touching each other.


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