Speared Novo 3mm Wetsuit


$ 399.95 


We teamed up with Henderson Wetsuits, the biggest wetsuit manufacturer in the world, to start some testing. After a year of testing different suits, we finally found a combination of lining, rubber, and fit that makes the best suit on the market. And we can prove it!

The Lining (No More Lube!)

Using a FireFleece lining, a proprietary lining developed by Henderson Wetsuits, we were able to eliminate the need to lube up before you get in your suit! It's also much more durable. Your fingernail won't be the reason your wetsuit tears! More importantly, it makes for a super comfortable suit! We've temperature tested the suit to prove it'll keep you just as warm as the leading open cell suits currently available!

The Camo

The Henderson Wetsuit camo was designed to be effective in both green and blue water. You can see from the images that the right combination of blues and greens make the suit effective in a variety of water colors!

Superior Rubber

Our goal was to create the best wetsuit on the market. Not the least expensive. We were not going to settle for anything but the best rubber available.

The superior rubber lets your body work less to keep you warm. As seen in the images, when compared to a leading "open cell" suit, after 2 minutes in 60 degree water our suit had significantly less thermal bleeding. This means the rubber is keeping more of your body heat in! With cheap rubber, your body heat escapes easily, making your body work harder to keep you warm. The more your body has to work to keep you warm, the more energy you burn, and the shorter your dive times!

- 3mm

- Full Fleece lining (NO LUBE NEEDED!)

- 2 piece. Waist high pants

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