Skorpio DNA Fins


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Premium carbon blades manufactured out of 100% T700 carbon. These blades are drilled and setup for Stingray pockets and will fit others that have the same pattern. These blades are 800 x 190mm and feature a 25 degree blade angle.


Equal stiffness (Tensil Moduls) but more strength (+ 40% compared to standard) makes the T700 carbon High Tensil particularly suitable to realize robust blades. The large wire fabrics have less intersections and undulations of the wires that constitute them. This increases the reactivity of the blades because it reduces the viscous absorption by deformation. 


The blades or areas of the blades without water rails disperse 50% of the water that they are working. We make the effort to move the water and half of the throw to the side. Thus the forward thrust is inevitably low, we work unnecessarily. The remedy for this unnecessary effort of our muscles we invented it in 1993, to keep the water on the blade and not disperse it sideways, taking inspiration from the wings of racing cars. They are the water rails constant section, with them feel like kicking on two tracks. The water does not escape to the side, the blades do not twist and the volumetric efficiency of the system is at maximum. Particularly suitable for use as sports testing pure apnea, where the constancy of speed has priority over the acceleration.


The concave cut of the blades concentrates the fluid threads towards the center of the blade. This condition makes the fins more ready the triggering of the cycle, on the counterattack, the amount of water processed from the tips of the fins is the highest level.

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