Riffe Spectra Fusion Floatline


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Riffe’s NEW Spectra Fusion Float line is manufactured from a proprietary custom blend of material, developed exclusively for Riffe.

•    Improved strength and durability

•    Yellow/blue outer sheath is composed of 32 strands fused together, coated with molten polyethylene for an abrasion and color-fast/UV resistant protective sheath.

•    Added internal middle braid ensures constant high test strength.

•    Upgraded foam rubber float core increases buoyancy making retrieval and line location as effortless as possible. Unlike other floatlines on the market made of polypropylene that end up sinking, Riffe’s Spectra Fusion Float line stays on the water for optimum visibility.

•    Unrivaled float line built to perform.

•    Tensile strength as tested including hardware (shackle, Quick Clips, and crimps) 800lbs. (365kg) plus