Red Tide Floatline


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Packed with an additional 50% Core Length this floatline is DESIGNED TO STRETCH an ADDITIONAL 50% to help you land fish and reduce shaft tear outs.

Made from UV Stable Semi Transparent Red Tubing.. These floatlines are very visible from the surface and to passing boats. Being seen is important to keep you safe from boats and it makes it easier for your friends and the captain to keep you in sight.

Features a 400lb Core, Stainless Steel Plugs, Shackles & Tuna Clips. This floatline is an excellent choice for spearfishermen shooting medium size fish in the 30-140lb range as well as those using a floatline as a marker when hunting smaller fish.

Floatlines provide the link between your speargun and your spearfishing float. Once you spear a fish, the fish will fight the floatline and the float. This gives you a chance to head to the surface and take a deep breath while the float and floatline tires the fish and marks the spot they decide to hide in. A spearfishing floatline and a float makes it easy for others to spot your location. It's very easy for your boat captain to keep a good eye on several spearfishermen at once.