Permabond 735 Instant Adhesive, 1 oz. Bottle


$ 35.95 


Permabond is the only high strength rapid bonding cyanoacrylate glue that we have tested with reliable long-term results for a permanent, yet flexible bond solution for freediving fins.



PERMABOND® 735 is a toughened cyanoacrylate with

very good impact and peel strength when compared

to a conventional cyanoacrylate. It bonds rapidly at

room temperature and its viscosity is stable over the

shelf life of the product. This provides consistent

performance. The product adheres to a variety of

surfaces including steel, aluminum, galvanized steel,

plastics and elastomers.


Typical Curing Properties

Maximum gap fill 0.15 mm 0.006 in

Fixture / handling time*

(0.3 N/mm² shear

strength is achieved)

30-50 seconds (Steel)

35-50 seconds (Aluminium)

10-15 seconds (Buna N Rubber)

5-10 seconds (Phenolic)

Full strength 24 hours

*Handling times can be affected by temperature, humidity and

specific surfaces being bonded. Larger gaps or acidic surfaces will

also reduce cure speed but this can be overcome by the use of

Permabond C Surface Activator (CSA) or Permabond QFS 16.


Surface Preparation

Surfaces should be clean, dry and grease-free before

applying the adhesive. Use a suitable solvent (such as

acetone or isopropanol) for the degreasing of surfaces.

Some metals such as aluminium, copper and its alloys will

benefit from light abrasion with emery cloth (or similar),

to remove the oxide layer.

Directions for Use

1) Shake bottle before use.

2) Apply the adhesive sparingly to one surface.

3) Bring the components together quickly and

correctly aligned.

4) Apply sufficient pressure to ensure the adhesive

spreads into a thin film.

5) Do not disturb or re-align until sufficient strength

is achieved, normally in a few seconds.

6) Any surplus adhesive can be removed with

Permabond CA solvent, nitromethane or acetone


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