Orca Kosmos 115 Speargun

Benthic Ocean Sports

$ 1,275.00 

The Orca Kosmos 115cm Speargun

The compositon of the body has a configuration of structural carbon fibers and epoxy resins that gives it impressive structural stability, with a very high mass, resulting in very precise and powerful shots, being able to handle high loads without problems.

It comes with an 8mm shaft and reel (reel line not included).

The components have undergone numerous tests on land and sea, selecting the highest quality and most resistant ones.

The band loading points and reel bracket have been designed to facilitate the loading process.

The Orca Kosmos is aimed for fishing large specimens with the wait (aspetto), drop or stalking techniques in clean or mid visibility water. The main fish intended for this gun are grouper, meagre, amberjack, dentex and large snapper