Neritic 10 Foot Blue Bantam Roller Package


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5/8" diameter, 10ft  anodized aluminum polespear with modular butt piece that can be assembled as a 5ft, 7ft, 8ft, or 10ft polespear, depending how you choose to arrange the sections. Each section is anodized blue with the Neritic Diving logo laser etched above the machined in grooved grip. This package comes with:


(1) 3 foot Aluminum Section with Stainless Steel Nose Piece( with coated cable loop/pigtail swivel)


(1) 3 foot Interchangeable Aluminum Section


(1) 2 foot Interchangeable Aluminum Section


(1) Roller butt piece with coated cable loop


(1) 24 inch Injector Rod


(1) Magnetic Slip Tip (standard with cable, dynema can be replacement option)


(1) Roller Band


(2) Neritic Diving Velcro Straps