Used Neritic 8' Roller Bantam Polespear

Benthic Ocean Sports

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This item has been used by our team on 2 Bahamas trips and is in great condition. It is configured with a Blackreefco titanium injector and sliptip. It also comes with an additional 2ft Neritic polespear section and 1 x standard loop band butt for the ultimate versatility!

5/8" diameter, 8ft anodized aluminum polespear with modular butt piece. Each section is anodized blue with the Neritic Diving logo laser etched above the machined in grooved grip. This package comes with:

(1) 3 foot Aluminum Section with Stainless Steel Nose Piece( with coated cable loop/pigtail swivel)

(1) 3 foot Interchangeable middle section

(1) Roller butt piece with coated cable loop

(1) Roller Band