Spearmaster High Pressure Float


$ 109.00 
SKU: SpearmasterHig15L

Available in 15L, 30L or 60L versions

Constructed out of durable 1100 gram HYPALON material which is the same durable Military Spec HYPALON material as Special Forces boats.
In addition to using the best material, we also use a welding process (not glued) on all seams which makes for a much stronger float.
Can be filled to a max pressure of 20 PSI which can provide 100% of the rated lift of 39 pounds at a depth of 45 feet

  • Zodiac Nose Cone dramatically reduces drag in the water.
  • 20 PSI Pressure Rating means more floatation at depth.
  • Valve Stem positioned at the back of the float (instead of the side) so it does not get caught on other floatlines.
  • Front and Rear D rings for connecting to float lines.