Meandros B32 Camo


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The B32 speargun is a 32mm barrel tubular rail speargun. Produced after extensive consideration, testing and attention to detail. Meandros incorporated all the features needed to make the ultimate railgun in terms of quality of construction, user-friendly operation and ballistic performance.

New Leader handle with inox reverse mechanism giving arm length + 15cm from pipe length

Aluminum alloy aerodynamic alloy with V-shaped reduced-friction guide along its entire length.

Tube shape that gives stiffness with a minimum weight and a positive buoyancy of 3.7 gr / cm. The thickness of the barrel wall in the perimeter has a different thickness for greater rigidity (1-1.45mm)

The B32 is a fully integrated quality speargun, carefully constructed and studied in depth. These spearguns, in terms of features, quality and performance, will more than satisfy the high expectations of even the most discerning spearo.