Meandros Mitos Reel


$ 159.00 
SKU: MaverickVerticSize5

Vertical reel featuring an automatic brake release and control of the flow of resistance for the correct and safe unwinding with excellent quality construction, operation and mounting, base and drum .

It is a referance design and study point for all other REELS in the global market. The materials, the unique innovative way of mounting and long-term well- thought out and elegant design, ensure the longevity of the hard and frequent use. Exhibits increased resistance to abrasion and pressure with almost zero damage to sharply rapidly unfolds, which makes it suitable for any kind of fishing, even for the most demanding user.

High capacity for it's size as the drum is made of a perforated plastic shaft with custom and innervated, perforated metal hoops giving minimum weight, volume and size according to their capacity, while helping and drying the cord to avoid rot.

The base of the reel is made of a marine stainless steel type, it is Laser CNC cut and formed into special molds . The design of the base offers great aesthetics, ease of installation on most spearguns and ideal static stiffness with minimum weight with the possibility of placing the barrel of the gun or on the trigger guard. The base assembly is rivitted to not protrude outside, causing unmanageable – dysfunction and trouble , with 3 axles spacers at strategic points around the drum and 1 through bending of the base that nullified the slightest chance of tangling and escape the thread off drum.

The winding lever is slide-able and prevents the creation of centrifugal forces and can be varied, depending on the radius of gyration which the user desires , made of stainless steel for durability and protection. The lever also acts as a resistance regulator of flow. It has a unique patented system by not inserted o-ring, bolts and threads, which with add friction and become ineffective very quickly and eventually are nonfunctional. The lever is not just a common folding lever pivot, but a reliable regulator for excellent performance and longevity that very easily by modulating the sets flow resistance during unwinding when the automatic brake has already released the drum.

All components are thoroughly and evenly sculptured without spikes or sharp edges.  


Size #3 Weight: 5.5oz Capacity of 160 feet for a 1.8mm line

Size #4 Weight: 6.3oz Capacity of 230' of 1.8mm line

Size #5 Weight: 7oz Capacity of 278 feet for a 1.8mm line

Size #6 Weight: 9.5oz Capacity of 390 feet for a 1.8mm line