Meandros Argo Bluewater Speargun


$ 499.95 

The ARGO (BW) bluewater series is designed / studied to meet the requirements and the need for long-distance shooting in open blue waters and ambush spearfishing. Every part and detail has been studied to achieve the optimum ballistic effect. Its final form is the result of numerous designs and exhaustive tests. The ergonomic 3-hole un-level muzzle manages the aggregate but smoother due to its smaller diameter and longer elongation, power of the 3 bands. Combined with the increased 20% mass and + 6cm longer armature length giving the head length, the recoil effect is weakened and greatly reduced. This way the spear is pushed smoother to a longer length with minimal recoil loss. All of the above make the (BW) bluewater series superior.