HUNT Slip Tip

Benthic Ocean Sports

$ 125.00 

Top of the line slip tip with incredible tolerances. Available in either cable or dyneema

  • Unhookable point 17.4 PH - diam. 9 mm heat-treated, which enhances the mechanical strength and tightness of sharpening tricuspid
  • Tricuspid sharpened by hand, sharp as a knife with a bone-crushing shock
  • Line-guide (slide ring) made in AISI 316 stainless steel, burnished, balled-finished and smoothed. Hole diameter of the cable. 2.2 shaft hole dia. 8.1
  • Cone shaft-screwable (peak) diam. 9 as the tip for excellent penetration.
  • Stainless steel cable made in AISI 316 diam. 2 mm, 7 x 19 (133 wires) for flexibility and softness to the highest levels

The connection between the slide ring and the tip is guaranteed by two balls made in AISI 316 welded and brazed with a special technique.
This system ensures maximum strength corresponding to the tear strength declared by the cable manifacturing company: 270kg.