Ermes Double Roller Trigger Mechanism


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100% handcrafted made in Italy.

This mechanism mounts the Double Roll system, with demolition-free operation thanks to its patented internal components, this system makes it possible to have an unreachable trigger sensitivity with traditional mechanisms at very high loads ( maximum drive effort of the trigger 0.500 Kg on traction of 300 kg !!! ) with a practically unlimited duration.


This model is the most modern mechanism of our production, measures 6.5 mm in height, and for those who want to maximize band stretch allows you to get about 7cm more stretch.


Has two internal 7 mm diameter rollers 17-4 ph in anti-seam, for low friction. One of the two rollers are independently tied to the box by means of a plug that allows it to move in its seat allows a release and a hook of fluid, the other roller is instead tied to the tooth by means of a full plug and is supported directly on the trigger by limiting the friction that is created between the tooth and the trigger, preventing the clamping between the two components when they are subjected to strong traction.


The tooth is composed of 3 pieces joined and joined by two screws, the total thickness of the tooth is 10 mm.


The finish is polished steel.


Another feature of this mechanism is that it can accept both European and American shafts.


Test video HERE  


Technical Specifications: 2 mm box thickness with steel toothed finishing 10 mm tooth ratio, triggered movement of 1 twisted spring, 2.5 mm hook release, box width 14.7 mm, length 85 mm overall, 63.5 mm, depth 23 mm, to the burrowing. 

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