Ermes Double Roller Trigger Mechanism


$ 87.00 


100% handcrafted made in Italy.

This mechanism is the new Future Double Roller Mechanism, with demolition-free operation thanks to its patented internal components, this system makes it possible to have an unreachable trigger sensitivity with traditional mechanisms at very high loads ( maximum drive effort of the trigger 0.500 Kg on traction of 300 kg !!! ) with a practically unlimited duration.

Note: This is the short trigger version. The difference in the measurement can be seen in the diagram photo

In addition to the new look, this mechanism has minor changes in both the internal components and the linkages. Mechanics is the new 2018which equips all the mechanisms of the Back series, the shot is more ready, but at the same time is sweeter and more sensitive, the fixing system has been completely redesigned with a new solution, always the first to innovate, this new procedure has allowed us to getting a fold with the wings in line, and flush with the profile of the rifle, does not need shims to adjust the fixing that you can do with only 3 screws from top to bottom thanks to the flared holes. The design of the set is harmonious and functional, the height of the box is 23 mm, the depth is only 16 mm and the length 48 mm., The width has been changed and from 16.2 mm has been reduced to just 14.8 mm, therefore, to be less intrusive, also the profile has changed and the components even after the shot remain in the same. The trigger differs from the old Back series to have less accentuated saddle, with two different lengths, the shot is more ready. the unhooking line is completely redesigned and can be equipped on request with an automatic return spring.



Has two internal 7 mm diameter rollers 17-4 ph in anti-seam, for low friction. One of the two rollers are independently tied to the box by means of a plug that allows it to move in its seat allows a release and a hook of fluid, the other roller is instead tied to the tooth by means of a full plug and is supported directly on the trigger by limiting the friction that is created between the tooth and the trigger, preventing the clamping between the two components when they are subjected to strong traction.


The tooth is composed of 3 pieces joined and joined by two screws, the total thickness of the tooth is 10 mm.


The finish is polished steel.


Another feature of this mechanism is that it can accept both European and American shafts.


Test video HERE  

 Technical specifications: box thickness 2 mm with tumbled steel, 6 mm trigger teeth, trigger movement assisted by 1 torsion spring, 2.5 mm automatic line release, on request with automatic return spring, width of the box 14.8mm, overall length 64 mm, bore 45 mm, depth 22.5 mm, broken 16.25 mm, 

maximum effort to be applied to the trigger, 0.700 kg on 100 kg traction. 

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