El Greco Mediterranean Hybrid 130cm Speargun

Benthic Ocean Sports

$ 1,200.00 

El Greco spearguns are handmade and all are made of wood and carbon with nanotechnology materials inside. Each has its own unique serial number. The stainless steel reel is our own design and construction.

Mediterraneans are made of wood with multiple layers of carbon fiber inside, for the Carbon model and outside, so as to prevent bend or break. We use 4 - 6 slices of wood which we glue with carbon fiber in high temperature about 100 degrees Celsius for 6 -10 hours depends the model.

The mechanism is made on el Greco's patterns and can hold 10 pairs of 16mm rubber bands.

The reel is made of stainless steel on el Greco's unique designs and is able to hold large loads.

Their buoyancy can be adjusted according to the thickness of the shaft that is being used each time.