Cetma S Wing Footpockets


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1) Foot on carbon: the new s-WiNG boot from CETMA COMPOSITES allows you to have a wider portion of blade under the foot (if used in combination with the CETMA COMPOSITES blades), practically the foot is completely supported on the blade up to the heel . The portion of blade under foot is about 60% longer than conventional shoes. This greatly improves both the transfer of force applied to the blade and in comfort.


2) Sky-boot like: Like a ski boot, the new s-WING shoes have stiffening straps positioned along the entire length of the foot (from the big toe up to the heel). These ribs allow an optimal transfer of the force applied by the swimmer without any dissipation due to the deformation of the rubber.


3) High stiffness sole: The new s-WiNG liner has a rigid sole that prevents the deformation of the same under the load of the blade, this also allows the use of any blade. The stiffness of the blade housing pocket allows the blade to be perfectly constrained under the foot, improving the efficiency of any blade by about 30%.


4) Open flow system: The new s-WiNG liner has been designed to channel the flow of water, creating a channel that starts next to the foot. This system without side member has been designed to improve hydrodynamic efficiency.


5) Twinzer system: The new s-WiNG liner has been designed with two vertical stabilizers that prevent lateral drift during kicking and at the same time help to canalize water in the most efficient way possible.


6) Anti-twist System: The front structure of the s-WiNG liner is designed with a reinforced U-shaped frame that stabilizes the blade and prevents it from rolling during kicking.


7) Comfort: The new s-WiNG liner has been designed to maximize the comfort of the fit in order to perfectly wrap the foot anatomically following the profile. For this purpose, 7 sizes have been made from 35 to 48.


8) Hi-efficiency Water rail: The well-known high efficiency water rail of CETMA COMPOSITES has been designed, with the aim of minimizing the amount of rubber, with a section with variable height in the length of the blade.


9) No Weight Material: The material used for the s-WiNG liner is an innovative blend of rubber that combines the high elasticity of natural rubber with the durability of thermoplastic rubber. The result is a material with a density of 1.05 (grams / centimetrubo) which means no weight in water.