Cetma Mantra Magenta Blades


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Carbon fiber shovels model MANTRA key features:


1) 100% IM7 carbon fiber shovel. 

2) The material is PRE-PREG 100% Carbon obtained with hot melt impregnation systems with tetra-functional resin. 

3) 3D-Tech: Proprietary technology, exclusive know-how of CETMA COMPOSITES, high pressure, high temperature and vacuum, which implies a component with 0% of voids, free of defects, and with a constant fiber-resin ratio over the whole shovel. 

4) FEM Design: MANTRA's design is optimized through careful designing of finished elements (FEM). The software used allows to ensure an optimal distribution of the stiffness in order to reproduce a deformed blade that guarantees maximum hydrodynamic efficiency.

5) Signature model: Developed in collaboration with the world champion CWT bi fins Michele Giurgola;

6) DRS (Dynamic Resonance System) new exclusive innovative system of CETMA COMPOSITES. This system implies that the MANTRA blade has been designed to resonate in a certain range of kicking frequencies. The phenomenon of resonance, in fact, is a known physical phenomenon that characterizes any structure. In fact, by simplifying, we can say that when a structure is forced with a frequency close to its natural frequency, the amplitude of the vibrations increases in a very efficient way (low damping). Through the engineering design it was possible to distribute the stiffness and mass of the blade in order to "tune" the blade in a certain range of natural frequencies close to those of the kick frequency, thus allowing the phenomenon of resonance. The final feedback of the user is therefore a very low effort corresponding to an incredible propulsion. This study is done using a laser vibrometer (LDV) to perform a modal analysis, which served to establish the distribution of mass and stiffness of the blade.

7) Dimensions: Width 195 mm; Length from the fold 742 mm; 33 degrees inclination angle. 

8) Stiffness: super soft (XS), soft (S), medium (M). 

9) Colors: White, Gold, Magenta. 

10) Shoe attachment: CETMA COMPOSITES, Mares and Pathos. 

11) Water rail: Water rails with variable height and high efficiency. 

12) Warranty: 2 years on carbon parts; 5 years if set up with a Cetma Composites shoe (  Discover how ). 

13) Results achieved: ITALIAN CHAMPION 2016 CWT bi-fins with -92 meters in 2 minutes and 55 seconds.