Carbontek Carbon Barrel


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The Carbontek carbon tube with integral guide, has a shape that offers greater buoyancy and stability compared to a cylindrical tube. The shape is designed to reduce recoil in the shot , but without affecting its movement.

The tube has an internal diameter of 26mm, which allows it to be highly compatible with most accessories on the market , and an external diameter of 30mm. Its 2mm 100% carbon walls give it a very high flexural strength. The entire tube is accompanied by an integral guide for the shaft. The inside of the tube is sealed by two plugs at its ends, but the inside is hollow.

This tube allows the use of very heavier shafts and withstands high loads without flexing , guaranteeing a precise shot. You can use most of the current components on the market and mount different speargun systems, such as: parallel rubber speargun, mono rubber, double rubber, triple rubber, roller, inverted roller and gearbox roller. The carbon tube is capable of supporting a gearbox system with 3 pairs of lower rubber without any problem.

Its high buoyancy allows the head to be weighted to suit the client , obtaining the possibility of modifying its buoyancy in the future. It is capable of holding 7mm roller heads and rods and still have positive buoyancy at the tip.