C4 Fast 400

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Newest offering from C4. These blades are made for the new 300 or 400 series footpockets (sold separately).

A very versitile, lightweight fin.


*Note: These are priced for a pair of blades only. If you would like to purchase a complete set with foot pockets, please call us for the package discount!

A standard stiffness (Tensil Modulus) combined with a 40% higher resistance (compared to the standard) makes T700 High Tensil carbon fiber particularly suitable for more reliable and durable fins. This new line of fins by C4 is manufactured with this T700 composite material. This line of new fins are manufactured with a standard elastic modulus (ability and speed of the material to return to its original position after having been bent) and high resistance (to breakage) carbon fiber. In addition, we have introduced the new large square fabric texture whose fibers are 5 times bigger to improve the performance. The wide bands of the weaving of the T700, compared to traditional carbon fiber cloth, reduce the number of total weaves. Weaves create friction and bend the extremely thin wires of the fiber. Friction and bends, generate negative effects on the performance of the blade. Reducing this effect, by using T700, results in a higher resistance and much better elastic return of the blades, generating more efficiency (more push and less fatigue) when diving. 

Fin blades, in areas where water rails are not present, disperse 50% of the water they come in contact with. This is what the French call “drifting”. We make an effort to move water for thrust but we disperse it on the side. Therefore the forward thrust is low, and the action useless. The solution to this problem was invented in 1993. Constant water rails, inspired by racing car spoilers, were invented to keep water on the blades and not disperse it on the sides. Divers feel as if they were kicking on two rails. Water is not side channeled, blades do not twist and system efficiency is outstanding. Especially indicated for freediving deep dives, where constant speed is key compared to acceleration.


Technical Data

MATERIAL: 100% carbon fiber T700 SUPERFORCE

Blade Dimension:  786 x 190 mm

Blade Hardness:  25 Soft, 30 Medium, 40 Hard

Water Rails:  Constant h10mm

Fins Angle:  25°blade + 3°footpoket = 22°

Fins Weight:  From 700 grams up