C4 Deep Spearo Fins


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Light and deep. This result is achieved thanks to the use of the innovative and very light 300 foot pockets combined with the use of the finest carbon fiber T700 PERFORMANCE for the blades. The particular shape of the blade with the top Flap and the carbon yarn used to make these blades make them particularly strong and suitable for deep spearfishing. 

This is for a pair of blades only, please contact us for the discounted rate on fin/footpocket combo!





MATERIAL: 100% carbon fiber T700 PERFORMANCE


BLADE DIMENSION: 869 x 197 mm


BLADE HARDNESS: 25 soft – 30 medium – 40 hard


WATER RAILS: Constant h10mm


FINS ANGLE: 29°blade + 3°footpoket = 32°


FINS WEIGHT: from 600gr. up to 730 gr.


FOOT POCKET WEIGHT: 316 gr. in size 40/41