C4 Pershing Blades


$ 318.00 

1 pair of blades only, without footpockets

PERSHING fin blades are identical to T-34 fin blades but they feature a length of 78cm. They are ideal for spearfishing in the ocean, where the conditions which are typical of the sea in winter, are more common all year round also at greater depths. Compatible with C4 300 or 400 series foot pockets.

They can still be the ideal choice for spearfishermen who require performing but yet more “robust” fin blades to be used all year round and at greater depths (over 20mt).

PERSHING are made of 100% T300 TW carbon and they are inserted in the foot pocket all the way to the heel for an excellent transmission of energy.

PERSHING feature blades that are specifically symmetrical therefore increasing mechanical and dynamic efficiency. This solution reduces energy dispersion and torque forces which are typical of asymmetric geometries.

PERSHING blades are 780 mm long and 190 mm wide. The angle of the blades is 29° + 3° of the preformed footpocket for a total inclination of 32°.