Bluegreen Falcon Inverted Polyspast Speargun 90cm


$ 600.00 $ 725.00

Falcon inverted polyspast Roller is made from full car­bon in a sin­gle body (monoblock). This limited run of custom spearguns was made with a larger than normal 32mm outside diameter carbon body to accommodate heavier shafts.

A Invert Roller plus uses multiple sets of typically larger diameter rubbers capa­ble of shoot­ing shafts of larger diam­e­ter with more force and less recoil. Pul­leys are man­u­fac­tured from syn­thetic mate­ri­als with stainless steel of bearings for fast and smooth flow under overload. The insu­per­a­ble and fru­gal shape of the gun in com­bi­na­tion of dura­bil­ity, rigid­ity and the low weigh gives to fal­con great agility and loco­mo­tion to all direc­tions in to water with great facil­ity. The rev­o­lu­tion world patent of Blue Green that it pre­sented about ten years ago (Stain­less steel sin­gle mech­a­nism and han­dle) it recov­ers appli­ca­tion in the new spear­gun Fal­con. The stain­less steel parts are man­u­fac­tured by 316aisi and 304aisi.

Full rail in the length with the “mag­netic shaft holder” sys­tem for eas­i­er load­ing and bet­ter hold­ing of shaft. Reverse trig­ger mech­a­nism and auto­matic line release.

This batch is made with right handed ergonomic grips

Hi out­put in min­i­mal size.