Blue Green Falcon Open Speargun


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The new handmade Falcon speargun by Blue Green comes to complete the range of spearguns of the company. Weapon made entirely of carbon with a single body (monoblock).

Its unsurpassed and simple shape combined with the robustness, the rigidity and the light weight that the carbon fibers give, give the weapon great agility and movement in all directions in the water with great ease. The revolutionary global patent of Blue Green that was introduced about ten years ago (single mechanism and stainless steel handle) finds application again in the new Falcon weapon. The stainless steel parts of the weapon are made of SS 316 aisi and SS 304 aisi.

It has a single guide along the entire length and magnetic holding system of the MSH rod for easier arming and better holding of the rod.

Ultra-reverse mechanism and automatic rope catcher.

The total length of the weapon is 20 cm more than the nominal size of the weapon,

the Falcon Open 80 cm has a total armament of 94 cm