Blue Green Falcon Open Speargun

Blue Green

$ 475.00 

Falcon, the new handmade carbon speargun made from full carbon in a single body (monoblock). All current sizes are black colored right hand grips. More options will follow soon.

The shape of the gun combined with durability, rigidity and the low weight gives the Falcon great agility in all directions in water. The revolutionary Stainless steel single mechanism and handle was patented by Blue Green about ten years ago and gives the Falcon an amazingly high grip along with maximum band stretch. The stainless steel parts are manufactured in 316aisi and 304aisi.

Full length rail with the “magnetic shaft holder” system for easy loading and better holding of shaft.

Automatic side line release, large enough for multiple wraps and breakaway setups.

These are longer than typical railguns, running a full size larger (ie 110 is the same overall length and band stretch of a Pathos 120cm)