Bleutec Simple GFM 90cm Speargun


$ 465.95 
SKU: 612

The key features of the Bleutec Simple GFM speargun include:


Glass fiber monoblock body with 30mm constant diameter for perfect movement in horizontal and vertical axis in combination with increased stiffness.

Trigger Mechanism Bleu tec Lycan (housing stainless steel 316 aisi, trigger & sear made of stainless steel 304 aisi).

Full railed body.

Mechanical line release system with automatic retraction.

Equipped with anatomically shaped handle and right handed shooting type grip.



Is it possible to change or adjust the setup upon request.



The gun length refers to the distance between the trigger guard and the muzzle.


The weapon is accompanied by a 5 year warranty on the body of the weapon and lifetime for the trigger mechanism. Warranty is voided if gun is altered or trigger removed.