Black Reef Carbon Fins


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820 Spread Tow Carbon fin
Our uniquely designed spread tow carbon fiber fin blade is an extension of our R&D from the Vandal-R polespear lineup. With a proprietary internal X weave pattern that tapers to the tip of the fin, our blade has a unique flexural characteristic that is ideal for both deep bluewater dives and shallow kicking on the reef. The tapering X design behaves similar to the toes on your foot for optimal stability and enjoyable diving and spearfishing.

The matte finish spread tow design functions as a backbone for the fin, allowing for a unique parabolic curve of power delivery translated from the bend to the toe of the blade. We utilize cutting edge T700 spread tow carbon fiber from the aerospace industry: this material is noted for a higher carbon to resin ratio and maximum strength in a thinner, more lightweight profile.


Material: T700 Spread tow weave with matte finish

Dimensions: 820mm L x 295mm W

Stiffness: Medium-soft

Weight class: 150-200lb