Benthic 1.5mm Wetsuit

Benthic Ocean Sports

$ 349.00 

1.5mm Open Cell and Titanium Lined custom wetsuit produced for us by Roger Yazbeck.

This wetsuit features the best materials assembled by the best hands and the difference is notable the first time you put one of these on. The subdued Black Acan Coral Camo is beautiful and subtle.

Features Include:

1.5mm Open Cell Genuine Yamamoto 39

Silver Titanium Lining on the inside

Hooded Jacket and High Waist Pants

Glued and blind stitched Unisex cut

Reinforced Chest Loading Pad

Face, wrist and ankle durable rubber seals, glued and stitched for reinforcement

Elbow, Knee and Seat Ink Dot Abrasion Protection

Extra Reinforcement at Stress Points



XS             110-130lbs   5'-5'4"

Small         125-150lbs   5'3"-5'7"

Medium    165-180lbs   5'6"-5'11"

Large         175-195lbs   5'8"-6'3"

XL              195-210lbs   5'8"-6'3"