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Over 390 GPS Waypoints for Bay & Gulf Counties
Panama City, Mexico Beach, Port Saint Joe and more

Includes sites in the Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail. Bay County has incredible reef sites for diving and fishing with great clarity and structure. Bay County and other organizations like MBARA are very active in deploying new reefs and maintaining existing sites. With over 335 sites coordinates, you will never run out of great reef sites to visit in Bay County.

NOTE: We have had reports recently that many artificial reef sites in Gulf County are gone or dispersed, frustrating anglers trying to find structure. Most sites on our lists were laid in the the 1990's and from storm activity or the effects of time, many sites may be gone. Please let us know the exact site if you cannot find one and we will remove it from our lists. We include the coordinates for these sites because many are still there or nearby.

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Fishing & Dive Sites Memory Card         

Data Files for All Your Devices on a microSD™ stored Inside SD™Adapter - 2 Card Sizes!  

Includes 1 file set for each area indicated on memory card label.

Our data files are unique because we have brought public data from dozens of resources into one place. We formatted this data for easy import into the most popular GPS brands then created companion PDF & KML files that are great planning tools. We also include rules and regulations for many reef sites (if available/varies by county), a unique feature not found elsewhere. 

Fishing - Diving - Boating
(included sites & features vary by county)
• Artificial Reefs • Ledges & Holes • Mooring Buoy Rules
• Natural Reefs • Islands & Inlets • Lobstering Rules
• Shipwrecks • Marine Boundaries • Spearfishing Rules


Your Days of Hunting for GPS Numbers Online Are Over!

Your Time is Valuable! Why waste it hunting for online numbers then manually entering GPS coordinates into your GPS unit. Our GPS files make it easy to import numbers into your GPS unit, print from your computer or smartphone, and explore sites in satellite view. Finding nearby sites and planning your next trip couldn't be easier. No more wasted time searching the internet for new fishing or diving spots, we've done the work for you.


Our GPS coordinate files are a compilation of public waypoints, created to save you time! 
A must have for anyone visiting offshore reef sites. Great for fishing, diving, snorkeling and boating! 

Data Files on our memory card include files for your GPS unit brand and one PDFKML & GPX file for each area indicated on card label. Several files are included for your GPS brand that work with new and older models that accept SDTM cards. See "Data Files Included" below for a list of files included.

Our GPS fishing chip contains all the files you will need to plan your next trip or find more sites while out on the water. 

Click images below to see a sample of each file type
PDF KML Unit & GPX Files
listing of reef site coordinates map of florida with reef sites Bay County GPX Download
Simply select menus on your
GPS Unit/Chartplotter unit to
import waypoints from SDTM.
Your unit will show the site ID
numbers on top of your maps.
Open the site on your unit to see
site name & brief details.
Print the PDF companion
waypoint list(s) found in the PDF
folder. Use this list to look up the
full site details. Send PDF files to
your phone to have site info
handy while out on the water.
Use the KML files on your
computer or phone using the free
Google EarthTM software. See
the sites in satellite view,
measure distances, and plan
your next trip.

Unit Files  Garmin®,, Humminbird®, Lowrance®, Raymarine®, and Simrad®. Upload GPS Coordinates to your unit's Waypoint List.
GPX Files  Universal format for importing waypoints into modern devices
KML Files  View satellite images of sites & marine boundaries with popup details using the free Google Earth®
PDF Files  Print tabular lists of waypoints, chart keylicense, and user guide using the free Adobe Acrobat®

Bonus! Every package includes bonus KML files. Our exclusive, inhouse created, Marine Boundaries KML file shows all federal marine zones in the southern Atlantic Ocean & Gulf of Mexico. The State Boundaries KML file, courtesy of FWC, shows you the dividing line between state and federal waters, a great planning aid. The Keys chips include a monroe-waterway_navigation_routes_from_NOAA_charts.kmz file. 

GPS/Chartplotter Unit Files   We offer files for the most popular GPS brands: Garmin®,, Humminbird®, Lowrance®, Raymarine®, and Simrad®.  GPS Coordinates upload to your GPS/Chartplotter unit's Waypoint List in seconds!

We include many files for your GPS brand. Your unit will recognize 1 or more files on the chip. Only import 1 file as they all contain the exact same data. Always backup your units data to a blank card before importing our waypoints.

Transferring Waypoints to GPS Your Unit  Your unit must accept SDTM memory cards; we include 2 sizes that work with most modern devices. Simply insert the correct size memory card into your unit then select the appropriate menu items to import and merge waypoints into your unit. After the waypoints are uploaded, remove the chip from your unit.

Our chips are not software and do not self-install; you must manually select menu items on your GPS unit to import waypoints.  We include a detailed instruction sheet, a User Guide and GPS brand instructions on our FAQ pages. Please refer to your units operating manual for instructions on how to upload waypoints to your unit; we do not provide support on how to use your unit or its software.

Site Features

PDF & KML files include date sunk, description/materials, latitude, longitude, depth, relief, and links to more site information (if available/varies by site.) 

image with map showing reef sitesUnit files and GPX files include 4 fields: name, description/materials, latitude, and longitude. Some unit files include the depths but not many due to import constraints. Click image to right to see actual sites included.

What Sites Are Included? The types of waypoints included vary by county and may include artificial reefs, natural reefs, shipwrecks, ledges & holes, island & inlets, marine boundaries, and mooring buoys. Visit our main websites or to find the area you are interested in purchasing under the GPS menus. This is where you can look up New! sites that are added to our lists after our annual fall updates.

Updates We update our GPS lists of waypoints in the fall months. Once a county is complete we add any new sites to our website lists and mark them with New!. Usually there are only a small number added to some areas, so you can easily key them into your unit.

Many areas rarely have site changes or additions so you may received data files that are dated as far back as 2014. 

The time it took you to type a few waypoints, you could of imported hundreds!

Sure, you can use our numbers online for free, but do you really want to spend your valuable time typing in hundreds of waypoints? And how convenient is it to have nearby site numbers ready when you need them, numbers you never thought you would use.

Secret Spots  There are NO secret sites in our data files. All waypoints are for public sites acquired from many sources. An enormous amount of time has been spent researching the thousands of waypoints on our lists making them very unique. 

GPS Coordinates Format  GPS units & software programs will automatically convert our file formats to your Lat/Long default setting. Our files are in the following formats:
     PDF & KML Files:  Lat/Long Decimal Minutes (dd mm.mmm)
     Unit & GPX Files:  Lat/Long Decimal Degrees (dd.dddddddd)

Accuracy of Coordinates
Due to the Increased and Severity of Recent and Past Hurricane Activity, it is Very Possible Coordinates May Not Be Accurate.
America Go Fishing cannot guarantee accuracy of coordinate data contained in data files. However, America Go Fishing constantly performs reef monitoring through volunteer reef report submissions and communications with reef stakeholders to verify locations of artificial reefs and produce the closest waypoint coordinates possible. Please understand that smaller reefs can be very difficult to locate with GPS and depth sounders because they are small targets that can be challenging for highly experienced navigators to find. Storms and other natural events can relocate sites and the effects of saltwater can erode a site making identification difficult. With these factors in mind and other unknown circumstances, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our files, content or coordinates.

Maps & Nautical Charts  Files on this card contain waypoint locations only - maps and nautical charts underlay our waypoints when viewing in YOUR software or on your GPS unit.

Software  Application software must be pre-installed to use PDF & KML data files. Free software available. Most manufacturers provide free or low cost software to manage waypoints on your computer.

License   You agree to our End User License by opening our memory card package. Once opened, memory card packages are not returnable. You are permitted to use our files on all YOUR personal devices. You are prohibited from sharing or duplicating our files which are protected by international patent and copyright laws. We will aggressively pursue prosecution of any unlawful distribution of our copyrighted data files.

No SDTM Slot on Your Computer? If your device does not accept SD™ memory cards you can use a  SD™ to USB Memory Card Reader, sold separately. 

Unsure about buying our charts? Download our FREE Walton County individual files and give them a test drive. We can also send you brand specific files to try, just email us. Wondering why our charts are different?

Data Files Included
Files for Your Unit: Garmin®,, Humminbird®, Lowrance®, Raymarine®, or Simrad®