Azure Ambush Spearguns


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Engineered for optimum performance for their category. Powerfull and stable long range shot with supreme precision.


  • Material: Burma Teak
  • Method: 12 layers cross-ply laminated oriented in 2 axes, epoxy joints reinforced with polymer fibers
  • Craftmanship: Handcrafted to the last detail
  • Coating/Finishing: breathable, wear resistant coatings on 3 layers, equipped with UV filters. "Matte" appearance.
  • All Ambush models can be charged with up to: 3 x 16mm bands or 2 x 17-19mm bands 
  • Shaft utilization: Range 6.5 - 8.0mm
  • Shaft type: flopper equipped with sharkfins
  • Optimized body mass in respect to increased structural strength, which provides excellent underwater maneuverability and stability.
  • Hydrodynamic design for ease of maneuvering.
  • Long range shot precision, with minimum recoil.
  • Zero deflection under max loads.
  • Neutral buoyant with shaft, positive buoyant without shaft. Buoyancy can be adjusted through the counterweight groove of thespeargun body.
  • Reverse trigger mechanism for heavy duty usage and increased length of charge.
  • Hydrocells for enhancing the hydroslip effect between the shaft and the groove.
  • Automatic, highly reliable right side line release system.
  • Handmade universal handle, with anti-slip coating. Handles are handmade, bolted and replaceable.