14mm Salvimar Rubber Z-Boost


$ 9.20 

This is a new American rubber band characterized by an innovative manufacturing method that improves its performance.
Usually bands are produced by coextrusion, this means that the rubber passes through a die that gives it the tubular shape we all know. The Z-boost instead is produced by dipping, in other words the band takes on the final shape through several different dips creating a multilayer structure. This manufacturing difference gives the product an excellent “memory” even after being stretched for long time.

After some tests in fact it has been noticed for example that after 30 min of stretching (370%) at the constant temperature of 20° the band gets (compared to the original) only 2% longer!

The band is black inside and has a 0.5mm thick latex coating that protects it from external agents. Unlike other bands the central hole is 2mm wide while usually it is 3mm (except for sigal ones that are 1mm). The recommended maximum stretching is 380%.

During tests in water with the carbon sapiens 95, the first thing you notice is the ease of loading despite the exaggerated stretching (380%) and the diameter (14mm).

The sensation you get both when you load it and when you shoot is the one you get with a progressive band (amber inside). The shaft in fact is not launched but it is progressively accompanied out. The main advantage of this is the extreme reduction of recoil.